Your lube questions, answered

Are Valm lubricants made in the USA?

Yes! All of our personal lubricants are made right here in the United States and manufactured in a state of the art FDA inspected facility.

Are Valm lubricants FDA approved?

Yes! Our Valm water-based lube and Valm silicone-based lube are FDA 510k approved as a medical device. This means it’s not only safe for personal use, but approved to use in medical settings such as hospitals and doctor offices.

Are Valm lubricants condom compatible?

Yes! Valm personal lubricants are condom compatible. Our lubes have been extensively tested with condoms as part of our FDA approval.

What makes Valm different than other brands?

Not all lubes are created equal. At Valm our goal is to create the best performing lubes as possible without cutting any corners. We manufacturer all of out lubes in the United States, use the best quality ingredients as possible, and lab test every batch we produce to assure quality in every bottle.

Our water based and silicone based lubes have gone through rigorous testing and have been FDA approved. They are manufactured at such high standards that they can, and are, used in hospitals and doctor offices across the country.

How do I choose the right sex lube?

There are so many different types of lubes on the market and understanding what you need can be difficult. Personal lubricants can differ greatly in ingredients and types of use.

In general water-based lubes are perfect for vaginal use as it reactivates with your bodies natural lubricant production. Water-based lubes are not generally recommended for anal use or on male sex toys as it will dry out faster. It can however still be used under these circumstances but understand you will need to reapply frequently.

Silicone based lubes are perfect for any situation as a little goes a long way! It’s perfect for vaginal, anal, and most sex toys. Silicone lubes can even be used in the shower, but be careful as the ground can get super slippery!

Anal based lubes are best used for, well anal. Our Valm anal lube is designed specially for anal use. It is a silicone based lube with a slight numbing agent which helps provide a more comfortable experience.