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When the lights are low, the candles are lit, and the sheets are clean and inviting, nothing can amplify a moment like a personal lubricant designed to heighten sensation and enhance pleasure. Valm water based lube provides the perfect way to slide into any sexual situation. Whether you’re enjoying a personal moment with yourself or exploring your fantasies with a partner, the right sex lube can elevate even the most sensual and seductive moments.

Not all water based lubricants are compatible with condoms or silicone sex toys, but Valm water based lube is specially formulated to provide a safe, silky experience in any circumstance. Providing extensive lubrication alone, with a partner, or with as many partners as you choose, Valm water based lube makes it easy to create an intense experience. Condoms aren’t at risk of ripping, tearing, or erosion, and toys will be protected for use today, tomorrow, and in the future. And, best of all, Valm water-based lube can be easily reactivated with water or saliva should it start to dry, guaranteeing a seamless and interruption-free session.

When it comes to sexual lubricant, not all are made equal. Valm water based lubricant has been approved as an FDA 510K medical device, making it safe to use in medical circumstances as well as personal ones. This means you can be sure you’re using the best lubricant ingredients on your partner, your toys, and yourself, guaranteeing an amazing experience with every motion.

Sex makes life worth living, deepening relationships and broadening horizons. And, with the right water based lubricant, you can be sure what’s to come will be as pleasurable as it is intense and exciting.

Based on 261 reviews
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  1. Jeremy F. (verified owner)

    Works great and if it starts getting tacky all you have to do is spit on it and it’ll slide just like you reapplied it.

  2. Teresa E. (verified owner)

    It’s great

  3. Glenn B. (verified owner)

    Extremely slick , super fast shipper

  4. Jerry C. (verified owner)

    Great product!

  5. saadula r. (verified owner)

    Good product, would buy again

  6. London L. (verified owner)

    Great product and fast shipping

  7. Daniel H. (verified owner)

    It feels great

  8. terence s. (verified owner)

    Does what it needs to do 😉

  9. saadula r. (verified owner)


  10. philip c. (verified owner)

    I love it

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