Ultra Thin Condom



For the closest experience to skin-on-skin contact, there are Valm Ultra Thin Condoms. Yes! Before you ask, ultra thin condoms are just as safe as thicker condoms. In order to be granted FDA approval, condoms must pass the same safety test as other condoms. Couples who want to practice safe sex but still enjoy the barely-there feeling of an ultra thin condom will love these offerings from Valm. While providing optimum protection, these ultra thin condoms provide a natural feel that so many couples relish.

These Valm Ultra Thin Condoms are crafted from latex and are completely compatible with water and silicone-based lubricants. Valm is known for the high-quality of its products and these ultra thins are no exception. They provide enhanced stimulation while still providing the durability and protection that couples can depend on. While some couples prefer the feel of thicker latex condoms, these ultra thins are soft and sheer like an extra layer of skin.

One of the most common complaints about condoms is that they aren’t comfortable and block some of the sensations that couples expect to feel. That’s why Valm engineered a sleek condom that promotes a more ‘sensitive’ experience. Being safe shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice pleasure–that mantra is at the heart of Valm’s product engineering.

Wearing a condom routinely can help you reduce the risk of contracting or transmitting an STD. These Valm Ultra Thin latex condoms help guard against STDs and are excellent forms of contraception. Remember, Valm produced various condom types–all equally protective and approved by the FDA for use for minimizing the risk for STD transmission and conception. Enjoy them with Valm lubricants and keep them on hand so you’ll always be ready for a sultry–and safe–romantic encounter.


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