Valm Anal Lube
Valm Anal Lube
Valm Anal Lube

Valm Anal Lube

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Designed with a concentrated silicone formula, Valm Anal Lube is a top-performing personal lubricant designed with comfort in mind. Its thick silicone composition provides a soft, cushioned texture that promotes easy penetration and smooth, pleasurable glide. Valm’s Anal Lube formula prevents the anus from contracting while safeguardiing the exhilarating sensativities of sex. In fact, our amazing blended formula is ideal for both anal and vaginal sex and is recommended for people of any gender. Its cushioned texture helps decrease irritation and can be used effectively with or without condoms.

Silicone-based personal lubricants like Valm Anal Lube last longer than water-based formulas, so you can rely on it for more extended pleasure. Many users prefer its more sumptuous texture too. It’s extra-thick concentration can make anal sex more reliably comfortable. When you’re finished enjoying each other’s company, simply rinse thoroughly and then, who knows, feel free to start all over again–we’ll make more!

As an additional feature, Valm Anal Lube features a uniquely blended formula that’s compatible with latex, so it’s perfectly fine to use with your favorite toys. Designed to moisturize and lubricate, our personal lubricant is made to enhance your most intimate moments. Sleek, silky, and sexy, Valm lubricants promote the mutual enjoyment of both partners.

Valm is dedicated to developing products that elevate our customers’ most intimate encounters. While Valm Anal Lube is specially created for anal sex experiences, it can enhance vaginal sex too. Its long-lasting slick formula helps protect tender tissue, helping to prolong the pleasure with every use.


Dimethicone and Dimethiconol, Cyclopentasiloxane

11 reviews for Valm Anal Lube

  1. Nothing any different, same stuff

    Jennifer S.

    Nothing any different, same stuff as any other

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