Valm Ribbed Condom



Excite your partner when you put on this Valm Studded Condom. It’s designed with a textured surface to induce heightened sexual stimulation during intercourse. The latex features small studs dotted along its surface. They promise to increase your partner’s sensitivity, making for a more fantastically erotic experience. This condom features numerous studded rows that are sure to bump up the fun.

This Valm Studded Condom, sold individually, can increase arousal in your partner while providing the protection you’ve come to rely on from Valm condom lines. This condom is FDA approved for use as reliable contraception and protection from a wide range of STDs. This, like other condoms sold by Valm, is designed for a single sexual encounter; do not reuse or you compromise the safety of this product.

If you’re familiar with textured condoms, you know how they can enhance your confidence and enjoyment while gratifying your partner. Wearing them is a great way to boost the exhilaration of your next sexual experience. This Valm Studded Condom is compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants. Be sure to peruse Valm’s line of lubrication products.

After trying out this studded condom, you’ll definitely want to keep more textured condoms on hand for when you want to rev up play-time. Be sure to browse our entire database of condoms and other products designed to add wow factor to your sexual encounters. Valm’s Latex Studded Condom allows you to play safe without sacrificing a touch of pleasure.


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