Extra Large Condom



Extra large for extra comfort. A condom that doesn’t fit properly can hamper your sexual encounter and reduce your pleasure. With Valm Extra Large Condoms, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for safety. For men who are well-endowed, a small condom can detract from your experience. There’s no need to settle for a poor fit when we’ve created a perfectly sized condom just for you.

When a condom is restrictive and far too tight, it can reduce the sensations you’ve come to know and love during sex. With their roomier size, these condoms are easier to put on and feel like a second skin for men of larger size. When you’re happier, there’s a good chance your partner will feel happier too.

In addition, Valm Extra Large Condoms come pre-lubricated so they’re ready to go when you are. If you prefer more lubrication, these condoms are compatible with both water and silicone-based lubricants. As you’d expect from a leading condom, these extra-large Valm condoms are designed with safety in mind. They are FDA approved and are an excellent form of contraception and can reduce the risk of contracting STDs.

Remember, each Valm Extra Large Condom is designed for a single sexual encounter. Use a new condom for any subsequent sex act to ensure protection. Also, never use your teeth or scissors to open the condom wrapping or you could risk puncturing the latex and rendering the condom useless. Be sure to tear open each condom package with care.

We’ve designed our Valm Extra Large Condoms to enhance the sexual pleasure of bigger guys. We also offer the same high-quality pre-lubricated condoms in other sizes and styles too. Be sure to check out our line of lubricant products as well.


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